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Based in Suonenjoki, Finland

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App Store: 14th August 2015 - Google Play: 25th September 2015

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Jump, duck and roll like a meatball in this cute and exciting platformer! Go! Go! Meatball is a hardcore runner-platformer inspired by the toughness and aesthetics of 80s and 90s NES games and the accessibility of today’s mobile hits. Sporting a retro pixel-art-look complete with chiptune soundtrack, only the most dedicated players have the skills to finish the game while gathering all coins. The challenge is definitely there but everyone - regardless of skill level - is able to enjoy the rock-solid and rewarding gameplay! Go! Go! Meatball includes 30 levels in 3 distinct worlds, lots of collectible hats and Google Play Games and Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements. A bit of misplaced voodoo magic and a twist of fate causes a meatball come back to life! There is but one problem - everyone wants to eat him! Running for his life meatball has no time to dodge all obstacles in his way. You have to help him survive! Guide Meatball back to safety by jumping, ducking and rolling around in this cute and challenging retro runner-platformer game available on iOS and Android.


Go! Go! Meatball started as Antti's personal hobby project back in ancient times of 2011. Originally it was called Super Meatball and was meant to be a puzzle platformer that drew its inspiration from Kirby Canvas Curse. After a few years of on-off development - releasing other games and constantly changing the game's design - Antti realized the game is too big for him to handle alone and decided to get some help. Antti had been designing games with Ville since high school so the choice was easy. Together they salvaged what was left of the original prototype to make a simple mobile game with procedurally generated levels. Like always, designs escalated and it became a bigger, more traditional platformer and runner game with custom designed levels in the form of Go! Go! Meatball.


  • 30 challenging levels across 3 worlds
  • Delightful pixel-art graphics
  • Over 10 unlockable hats
  • A jolly good soundtrack
  • Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Old-school gaming fun!


Go! Go! Meatball! iOS Launch Trailer YouTube

Go! Go! Meatball! Announcement teaser trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Starbucks Pick Of The Week in UK and Ireland" Starbucks, April 4, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "A charming Nintendo style platformer, fans of 16-bit sidescrollers will want to give it a look."
    - Craig Forshey, Super Game Droid
  • "Featuring a cute pixely aesthetic and solid game-play Go! Go! Meatball is a great first game from Finnish developers Parta Games."
    - Alexandria Taberski, Techraptor
  • "The Go! Go! Meatball launch trailer is too much epicness to handle!"
    - Romain Baret, Arctic Startup

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About Parta Games

Parta Games is a Finnish independent game studio making organic friendly neighborhood video games.

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Go! Go! Meatball Credits

Antti Kolehmainen
Game Designer, Co-Founder, Parta Games

Ville Herranen
Game Designer, Co-Founder, Parta Games

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