Parta Games
Based in Suonenjoki, Finland

Release date:
April 21st 2016 (mobile) - February 23, 2017 (Steam)

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USD$3.99 (Steam)
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Over 2 million downloads! You are Rick Guiver, a reckless coast guard rescue helicopter pilot. A terrible oil rig catastrophe has happened in the coast! Against your superiors' orders and better judgement you jump in your helicopter and fly to the danger zone! There's no time to lose, save as many people as you can! Choppa is a physics based arcade and action game with touch controls, procedurally generated stages and 1980's style rock music. The main draw of the game is progressing through randomly generated levels and saving as many people as possible at the risk of exploding or falling to the sea. Players will be able to purchase new helicopters, upgrade armor, engines and rescue gear and complete challenging missions while aiming for the top score. Game Center and Google Play Games leaderboards are supported.


After Go! Go! Meatball Antti and Ville decided it was time to make a type of free-to-play game with some proper new ideas. They wanted a physics-based game and a setting that gives players the opportunity to save lives rather than take them inspired them both. From a very early prototype they knew Choppa was going to be a fun game whatever they did, so Antti and Ville tried their best to make it as fun as possible. The game has been in development since November 2015 and is rapidly nearing launch. It has already been soft launched in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Finland.


  • Simple and precise touch controls
  • Physics-based flying simulation
  • Procedurally generated stages with tricky obstacles
  • Nostalgic 80s vibe with awesome rock music and explosions
  • Hand-made pixel-art graphics
  • Bunch of unlockable choppers
  • Lots of fun missions
  • Game Center and Google Play Leaderboards


Choppa Steam trailer YouTube

Choppa launch trailer YouTube

Choppa app preview video YouTube



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Selected Articles

  • "Choppa channels the essence of rescuing people in Choplifter and blends it with procedurally generated levels filled with tricky obstacles. "
    - Jared Nelson, Toucharcade
  • "Save people and make 'Predator' references in Soft Launched 'Choppa'"
    - Carter Dotson, Toucharcade
  • "As a free to play game, it hits the right marks at the right time – it has flaws, yes but its one of the better free to play games we have played. "
    - Carl Serlin, Erisea Mag
  • "Positive Games From Finland's Increasingly Deserted Countryside."
    - Maija Kopola, ArcticStartup

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Press Release February 15, 2017
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Press Release August 30, 2016
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Press Release April 21, 2016
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Press Release April 11, 2016
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About Parta Games

Parta Games is a Finnish independent game studio making organic friendly neighborhood video games.

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Choppa Credits

Antti Kolehmainen
Game Designer, Co-Founder, Parta Games

Ville Herranen
Game Designer, Co-Founder, Parta Games

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